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About Us

My 3 Girls is a family run manufacturing company that has 8 full time employees. We are under our parent company PLM, Inc. We have been manufacturing cleaning supplies for over 40 years out of Winston-Salem, NC. With the birth of our 3 girls, and our growing excitement for fishing, fresh and saltwater, we decided to invest in a biodegradable boat care line. With help from our formulators we have designed a direct release line that is safe for our waterways. We are dedicated to the sport of fishing, and clean waterways to ensure our future generations can enjoy them. 

Our Mission

Our mission at My 3 Girls is simple. My 3 Girls wants to provide the avid angler, the casual boater, and the casual fisherman with an effective, environmentally friendly boat care line. We believe we have accomplished this mission. Here at My 3 Girls we want our children to have safe, clean, and healthy waterways to ensure the sport of fishing, and boating for many generations to come.