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What We Do

Biodegradable boat care

My 3 Girls boat care line is a concentrated biodegradable line. All of our products are direct release formulations. This brings peace of mind when cleaning a boat on waterways.

Fishing Adventures

The My 3 Girls Fishing team competes in numerous tournaments throughout the coastal waters of NC. We are beginning to document these adventures for our followers. We have fishing instructional videos, and tips on our social media sites.

Building A Community

My 3 Girls engages with the community through sponsorships of tournaments, donations to wildlife protection programs, and through bringing awareness to conservation of our waterways.


               Our Story

My 3 Girls is a dream that we have had for a few years. The line is named after our 3 beautiful girls. They are the inspiration behind the products.  We wanted to produce products that could keep our equipment clean while taking care of the beautiful environment around us for generations to come. We have partnered with our family manufacturing company PLM, INC to make this dream come true. 

We have over 40 years of experience manufacturing cleaning products, and continue to evolve our formulations as new green materials become available. 

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